Music education is everyone's right!


Music Software Development

Within our company, music software is having developed for various operating systems, especially interactive white boards. Using the Max/MSP programming language in the development of music software, we are preparing a music education software package for the interactive white board consisting of various modules in order to develop fundamental musical skills such as writing, listening, singing, playing, rhythmic counting.


Sound Processing&


We have developed open source code compact software for training with sound processing and synthesis techniques such as additive, subtractive synthesis and frequency and amplitude modulations. You can look at especially our microtonal music software we developed with MIDI programming and manipulation techniques.


Recording &Mixing

Sound recording and mixing works are carried out in our company for use in music software. We use RME sound card, Neumann, Shure and Audio-Technica microphones, Focal Alpha 80 and Yamaha HS20 reference monitors and various isolation apparatus for recording and mixing works.






The music world is becoming more complex and sophisticated. A new tool is needed in the teaching and learning of music education to enable the educators, students and other stakeholders’ benefit from the positive development as well as meet with the new challenges. Furthermore, there is the need to improve in the music education delivery process through new technologies, so that we do not hold tenaciously the old ways when there are greater opportunities to gain from the utilization of the new knowledge gained through information and communication technology and research. Plenty of studies suggest that kids who follow music classes achieve higher scores. There are scientific evidences behind the argument, as research shows that studying music can cause positive changes to the brain. This could explain why education that includes a strong measure of music also supports performance in other subjects such as maths or languages.


Musician World is a disruptive one-of-a-kind MIDI-Based application that can be integrated in interactive Smart/White-Boards. Musician World offers all-in-one tool that save the cost of using different options and it aims to satisfy musical education needs by bringing improvements in the methods of teaching Music. Based in Max/MSP programming language, it is the first platform to use up-to-date music technology tools such as MIDI, Real-time Notation and Open Sound Control (OSC).


Successful implementations of these skills have also been included in a variety of success-proven music teaching methods such as Dalcrose, Suzuki, Orff. However, there is a need for a wide variety of materials for classroom activities focusing on the acquisition of musical skills. At the same time, within the limits of traditional music education, it is almost impossible for music teachers to include all of these skills within a single instructional hour. The use of technology provides interactive applications, which can respond to the material needs of music education.


Musician World is composed of modules and games, which can solve the needs of music education by targeting the acquisition of all of the skills as listening, singing, writing and notation, playing and rhythmic counting skills.


You can found Turkish version videos of modules of Musician World on right side links----->>>

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